And so it begins…

My name is Elsa and I’m a South African currently working, living and eating in London. Well, I say living in London but actually we live just outside London and commute into London every day to earn a crust. I’ve decided to start a blog mainly as a hobby but also as a way of (hopefully!) learning some new skills in the process. I’m not very good at writing about myself and probably not much good at writing about anything else either, but we’ll see!


In the main I am interested in food and restaurants and I spend a lot of time reading foodie blogs and recipes, though I don’t get round to making and experimenting with as many dishes as I’d like to. I basically like all food and will eat most things as long as it tastes good. I started this blog with the aim of getting into the habit of documenting our last (for a while anyway) year spent in London as well as covering any trips we may do in the coming year. The blog will be a visual reminder of where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced. I will see where the writing and the blog takes me as it remains to be seen how disciplined I’ll be about updating the blog. My blog is mostly aimed at friends and family or anyone else who wants to keep up with out adventures, both in food and travel. 

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