Saturday morning and waiting for the promised sunshine!

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So over the last few months I started taking an interest in Vegan food and discovered tofu! That’s right, the one food I really thought I’d never develop a taste for despite trying it many times over the years. I also never had any idea about how many different types of tofu there were and the differences in texture and what you can do with the specific types….in fact, it is a whole new world and I’m still learning. This morning’s breakfast was leftover tofu, black bean and corn ‘scramble’ from ‘The Starch Solution’ that I’ve bastardised by adding some fresh tomato and spinach. Basically, the tofu is marinated, while cooking some onion with the beans and corn, the rice tomato and spinach then go in along with some BBQ sauce and other flavourings, with the tofu added last. This makes a healthy and satisfying meal whether for breakfast or any other time of the day. I can also highly recommend you read ‘The Starch Solution’, not only for some very good recipes but also for some food for thought.

Tofu Scramble
Tofu Scramble

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