A few weeks ago we went for a walk around Stellenbosch, pretending to be typical tourists and taking pictures of everything as if seeing it for the first time. Here’s some pictures (finally!) to show off what Stellenbosch has to offer – though I’m sure there’s lots we missed as we’re not really tourists of course!
Here’s some pictures of the town and the buildings you see as you walk around.

Some pictures of the artworks everywhere in the town – there’s a lot more than I posted here but frankly some of it is just damn ugly!

In the Botanical Garden I went a little bit apesh*t and took LOTS and LOTS of pictures to here’s a big gallery of pics!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and come and visit Stellenbosch if you haven’t been before!

2 Replies to “Views of Stellenbosch”

  1. Stunning photos of Stellenbosch. Would love to visit the place, buts its so far from our bushveld here in Limpopo. I like the waterplants!


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