Watching Stellenbosch Maties v NWU Pukkes Rugby and doing lunch and breakfast – again!

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Another well written update from Brian – saving me the trouble!!



On Monday morning we went out for breakfast as I thought I’d better eat something before having a tooth out in the afternoon – which turned out to be a good idea as I couldn’t eat until Tuesday night! We just went to a place in the town that in the main, just does breakfasts and lunches, called the New Blue Orange which was ok but the pictures give you an idea of what the breakfast / lunch places look like – and there are a lot of them!


Monday night rugby

We went to watch Stellenbosch University play against North West University on Monday night and it was a really good night. The 2 teams are both known by their nicknames, Stellenbosch are the maties (apparently because they play in maroon kits and for some reason, they were thought to look like tomatoes – and Afrikaans for that is…

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