Food and music

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This week we have visited a few restaurants and also had a picnic at wine estate which had music from a local band playing cover songs.

On Wednesday we visited a restaurant called Rust en Vrede for lunch. It is on the slopes of the Helderberg mountains and is rated in the top 10 of all South African restaurants and is also where Nelson Mandela had his Nobel Prize lunch – but he probably had a slightly different menu from us as we had the lunch time special! It was a good meal in a very nice setting so was well worth the visit. My only gripe is a common one at the wine farm restaurants – they don’t sell lager as they only sell their own wine, which makes sense from a commercial viewpoint but doesn’t help non-wine drinkers like me. Therefore we had to stop at a bar / restaurant at the…

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Babylonstoren in Drakenstein Valley and Country Guest House Concert

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Since my last post, Elsa and I have been relaxing a bit more (if that is possible when you’re not working!) now that we are more into a general routine. However, we have still been out and about to visit Babylonstoren and attend a concert at the Country Guest House by some well known local musicians.

We went to Babylonstoren last Tuesday, the 17th March, which given all the greenery of the vegetable gardens, orchards and the surrounding vineyards was pretty apt for St Patrick’s Day (though there wasn’t any Guinness or leprechauns in sight!). This farm is one of the oldest in the Cape area and is situated in the Drakenstein Valley. As well as the very impressive fruit and vegetable gardens, it also has a renowned restaurant and hotel. We visited in mid afternoon so didn’t use the restaurant but made use of the cafe, which is situated…

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The last couple of weeks

Brian’s latest update!


Here is a quick update on what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks. Sadly, I had to go back to the UK for my brothers funeral for a week or so, but Elsa kept up with the visits to vineyards and restaurants in my absence – although this was as much to assess places and food for her blog, (go to if you want to see what she thinks of them), as to just enjoy the day/night out.

The day before I left for the UK, I went to watch our nephew, Gerald, play for his school cricket team in a T20 match. The level, compared to what I remember from when I was at school, was quite good although cricket is one of the core sports here whereas cricket isn’t taken as seriously at schoolboy level in the UK.

I left for the UK on…

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The past week

Yes, I am still lazy and reposting Brian’s posts…I’m working on my other blog mostly!


Just a quick update on what we’ve been up to for the last week.

As there are so many good restaurants in Stellenbosch and the surrounding area and Elsa likes trying new food and places, she is doing a food review blog. So we have been to a few places that are very popular (rated 5, 6 and 20 on Trip Advisor recommendations) and tried them out as well as doing our usual eating / drinking in some of our more regular haunts. Luckily, the weather has been very good – though it has been nearly every day of the 3 months we have been here – so we have been able to eat and drink outside in the sunshine / warm evenings.

On Thursday, we went to the Hussar Grill in the town centre for lunch and then on Friday night we went to the Oppie Dorp in the town centre…

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