Another of Brian’s posts, with lots of nice pictures of the family!


This week we have visited a few restaurants and also had a picnic at wine estate which had music from a local band playing cover songs.

On Wednesday we visited a restaurant called Rust en Vrede for lunch. It is on the slopes of the Helderberg mountains and is rated in the top 10 of all South African restaurants and is also where Nelson Mandela had his Nobel Prize lunch – but he probably had a slightly different menu from us as we had the lunch time special! It was a good meal in a very nice setting so was well worth the visit. My only gripe is a common one at the wine farm restaurants – they don’t sell lager as they only sell their own wine, which makes sense from a commercial viewpoint but doesn’t help non-wine drinkers like me. Therefore we had to stop at a bar / restaurant at the…

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