A couple of days in Cape Town

Some more news from Brian


When we arrived in South Africa, Elsa and I intended to visit Cape Town on quite a few occasions. However, due to there being a lot to do in the Stellenbosch area, we had only got round to going once previously to meet up with some friends who were over from London. So last week, we booked a hotel and went into town to spend Monday and Tuesday there.

On previous holidays in South Africa, we have visited most of the sights and places in the Cape Town area, so we decided to just focus on the rejuvenated Kloof Street. Long Street and surrounding area.

Long Street is in the centre of Cape Town and is basically a collection of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and shops. Apparently at night, this is the place for young people and clubbing – but with me being neither young or a clubber, we decided to just…

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