Day 24 – Sioux Falls to Chamberlain on the bank of the Missouri River

Today’s drive is still sunny but getting decidedly more ‘Wild West’ with pickups trucks or lorries everywhere and country and western music on almost all the radio stations – I’ve even seen a couple of people with cowboy hats and boots! The landscape is very flat and mostly quite green, dotted with farms and smaller towns that we are mostly passing by as we’re driving on the I-90 which is a major highway. Continue reading

Day 23 – New Ulm to Sioux Falls & Brian’s birthday!

After a night of much coughing from Brian we woke up to a gloriously sunny day – the weather could not be more different today from the way it was yesterday. There is not a cloud in the sky and we got up and set off after taking some more pictures in New Ulm. The countryside here consists of farmland with newly sowed crops starting to appear everywhere and I’m hoping Continue reading

Day 18 – Angola to Chicago!!

We had to leave Potawatomi Inn quite early as we had to get to Chicago to spend the day there. Once again we ended up with a hotel in the outskirts of the town due to the prices of hotels in the town, but in this instance it didn’t matter too much as the hotel provided a shuttle service to the Metra (Blue Line) that took us downtown in about 25 minutes. This time we went more prepared and I read up on what to see and do Continue reading

Day 16 – Erie to Cleveland

I booked a hostel for our night in Cleveland, which made Brian quite nervous as you always associate hostels with groups of rowdy young people being p*ssed and noisy. To be honest, I was a bit worried as well! The reality couldn’t have been more different! We left Erie late-ish as it isn’t a long trip to Cleveland and when we got to Cleveland we went to check into the hostel straight away. Continue reading

Day 15 – Hamburg to Erie

Today we could take it easy as we are slowly making our way towards Cleveland and stopping over in a town called Erie on the way, which is of course on the shores of Lake Erie. We only left the hotel at 11, leaving me plenty of time to do a bit of forward planning, meaning I could book quite a few hotels for the next few days and even weeks. Hopefully this will give us a bit of breathing space as it takes a ridiculous amount of time Continue reading