Day 5 – Staten Island & Manhattan

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I cannot believe we are doing this for 183 days – we must be insane. So far it has been really good and we are enjoying ourselves, sometimes too much (see previous posts about Martinis), but

6 months is a loooong time to be on the road! And I can’t see me keeping up this blogging malarkey but we’ll see how it goes!
The weather couldn’t be more different today from what it was yesterday – raining and quite chilly, whereas yesterday was brilliant sunshine. We travelled from Bordentown to New York and arrived just after noon, to a misty and cold NYC. We are staying in Staten Island for two nights, so had to take the ferry to Manhattan. After figuring out the public transport options we arrived in Manhattan about 2pm and started walking, first up the East Side, through Chinatown and Little Italy, and across through Washington Square into Greenwich Village and the Hudson River area. From there we heading back down towards the ferry terminal and past the Ground Zero and the 9/11 memorial, back to the ferry to Staten Island. For lunch we had a couple of beers, BBQ Rib Tips and a Cheeseburger at Jeremy’s Ale House which was actually really good and set us up nicely for the rest of the day’s walking. The place was quite interesting and bills itself as a ‘dive bar’ and seems quite authentic, whereas the rest of the places in that street were more on the trendy/hip side.
After getting back from Manhattan we decided to explore the local area a bit more and found The Phunky Elephant Gastropub, where we proceeded to spend quite a lot of dosh on cocktails for me! We saw a LOT in one day and walked a lot as well so I reckon the cocktails were well deserved! New York is larger than life and very noisy, busy and smelly but definitely something you have to experience!
Best experience of the day: Food market in Chinatown and cocktails at The Phunky Elephant. Check out the pictures of the food market, live fish, frogs, crabs and eels, and the biggest clams I’ve ever seen in my life! Things I learned today: I need a LOT more fluid (not necessarily alcoholic) than Brian to keep going otherwise I lose energy and eventually the will to live!

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