Day 6 – Manhattan & Staten Island

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Back on the ferry again to explore some more of Manhattan! I got a soft pretzel and coffee on the ferry terminal as I was hungry again after a fairly meagre breakfast at our B&B. The weather was a lot warmer and muggier today which is of course perfect park weather!
We got on the subway to Central Park and got off at 72nd Street and walked through the park, making our way down to the southern part of the park. Central Park is of course massive so we only walked through a small part but the bits we covered were amazing – and of course very busy as the weather was good. Tulips are still out everywhere in NY, as well as amazing Wisterias, which has to be my favourite plant – I was driving Brian mental by insisting on running after photo opportunities of Wisterias everywhere!
After a leisurely stroll in Central Park the serious walking could commence, and we covered the Rockefeller Center, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Macys, Saks, Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, the Public Library and Grand Central Station in the afternoon. I’m sure there’s a lot more to New York but by the end of this walk I was knackered and just wanted to sit down and relax! We never sat down other than for about five minutes when I was having a Gyro and Chicken Combo from a street food cart – Brian even had his SmashBurger while walking! My Combo was from The Halal Guys which I read about online, so had to try out their food – it was ok but not really worth the fuss! Gyro appears to be lamb mince and the Combo is served with the two types of meat, over saffron rice and with garlic yoghurt sauce and chilli sauce. Brian’s Smashburger on the other hand was very juicy and tasty though it needed salt in my opinion!
New York today was very hot and sweaty and I can just imagine how bad it must get in the peak of summer. We did a lot of walking again and once back on Staten Island just dropped the car off before heading out for a couple of drinks at another local bar I’d read about, Danny Blaine’s. This really WAS a local bar with quite an old fella serving drinks while the New York Rangers (ice hockey) playoff game was showing on the various televisions in the bar. We eventually got a couple of drinks on the house so it was a good place to stop all in all. We finished watching the game in The Rosebank Tavern a bit closer to our B&B which wasn’t as nice, but still ok for a drink – and I’m glad to say that the Rangers won so everyone was very happy! I had a guy sitting next to me at the bar who kept pouring salt into his beer – not sure what that was about – and no, it wasn’t Brian!
Things I learned today: I need even more water/fluid than I previously thought to keep going, especially when it is as hot as it was today! New York really honks in some areas and you’d be best off avoiding high summer if you can!

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