Day 9 – Portsmouth to Montpelier via the White Mountains

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We decided before starting our trip that we’d cross the border to Canada and go to Montreal and then Toronto rather than doing the trip on the USA side, so we have to make our way up to Canada from Portsmouth. I’d read about Montpelier, the state capital of Vermont, and we decided to spend the night there en route. On the way we drove through the White Mountains where it got very cold, windy and cloudy and temperatures really dropped! I only took some pictures while driving through really as it was too unpleasant to get out and do one of the walks. The drive was beautiful and New Hampshire and Vermont are extremely green and pretty – wouldn’t mind coming back here one day and doing a tour of the area!
Arriving in Montpelier we checked into the Econolodge, which is walking distance from the town and ventured out to explore the town. Montpelier really is a small town, but quite nice with a few bars and restaurants serving quite interesting fare like Ginger Kombucha beer. We got some pictures of the state buildings and houses as I love the architecture of this area and can’t stop taking pictures! We then went to Charlie O’s Bar for a few $2 beers – cheapest beer of the trip so far! They bill themselves as a bit of a biker bar and we got talking to a local woman who told us that apparently the ‘normal’ town people don’t really go in there as they consider it a bit scary! We didn’t think it was scary at all though – maybe it helps if you’re used to your local estate pub in England?
I then insisted in eating and we went to the Three Penny Taproom where I had a Hot Italian Beef Sandwich with giardiniera which was rather nice, along with a terrible and expensive glass of wine. Brian’s unfiltered Pils was much more palatable but really we should have stuck to the $2 beers at the pub down the road!
Things I learned today (or still not learned!): the Internet at the hotel was quite shoddy and it’s just as well that we already booked accommodation for Montreal! Book further in advance as you can’t just trust that there will be internet around when you need it!

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