Day 11 – Montreal to Toronto

Well, two weeks today (Friday 15 May) since we left South Africa and 11 days in America and you’ll all be glad to know that we still haven’t killed each other! So far, so good! I now have a nasty little sinus infection and I’m coughing and snotting my way across Canada, though Brian’s cold seems to be clearing. If my posts read a bit incoherently, it is because I generally start writing the day’s update while ‘on the road’, i.e. I’m tapping away on the laptop, writing and downloading and sorting out pictures, while Brian drives us to our next destination. So far he’s done all the driving and I feel kind of bad for not helping out, but on the other hand, I’m much better at navigating and deciding where to go and what to see, otherwise we would just be driving from town to town without seeing anything interesting on the way. All in all at the moment it is working out fine, though will see how it goes in future. We’ve covered quite a lot over the last ten days and will have to take some ‘time off’ in the next week or so to just recoup and recover properly. The next few days should be really good with Toronto and Niagara Falls coming up, and we also need to plan our next couple of weeks.
We spent most of the day driving to spend the weekend West of Toronto, with a couple of Brian’s relations (well sort of, it’s a long story) so didn’t do much sightseeing – though Michelle cooked us an amazing steak meal in the evening!!

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