Day 12 & 13 – Toronto & Toronto to Niagara Falls

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Well, staying with Steve & Michelle for the weekend turned out to be a massive blessing as Saturday and Sunday are two days I wouldn’t really want to relive! Saturday we got going quite early to set off to go and see Toronto. We caught the train from Burlington and went straight to the CN Tower, where I ran into Wally, a guy I used to work with a couple of years ago. What a coincidence!
We then started wandering the streets as we do in new towns and I ate a Smoked Meat Sandwich, which is a bit like a pastrami style of beef, but hot and smoked. I reckon this is what got me as I started feeling sick a couple of hours later as we started to make our way back to the train station. As it turns out there was a fatality on the line so our trains weren’t running (I think we are jinxing the local transport or something, we had massive delays coming out of Boston as well!) and we had to get a bus and then wait a ridiculous amount of time for a connecting train. All the while I was feeling worse and worse with no restrooms or water anywhere near. By the time we eventually got home I was seriously ill but I’ll spare you the details – suffice it to say I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday in bed feeling very sorry for myself! Still, we got some good pictures in Toronto, though it is a huge city and we didn’t cover that much of it.
Late on Sunday afternoon we made our way to Niagara Falls and just went for a quick stroll before I took to my bed again and just slept.

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