Day 17 – Cleveland to Angola

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Quite a quiet day – we left Cleveland about 10:30 for a 3.5 hr trip to the Pokagon State Park near Angola. The trip was fairly uneventful except for ridiculous amounts of roadworks everywhere. As we are staying off the roads where we have to pay tolls we were driving down some smaller roads which are on the whole quiet and more interesting than the highways, so I don’t mind that. It was mostly farmland all the way to Angola, with just fields and barns all around as we drove (and one Amish buggy). I tried my best to get a picture of a dilapidated red shed with peeling paint as there were loads of them along the road, but I’m afraid my drive-by shooting is still not that great!
For lunch we had breakfast at Bob Evans – you’ve gotta love all day breakfasts! Brian had a stack of pancakes that left him so full he had to go for a walk around the car park to see if he could walk it off! My biscuits, gravy, sausage and home fries was great except for the fact that I couldn’t eat all the home fries as the grease would have left me feeling seriously unwell – they were very tasty though!
Potawatomi Inn proved to be VERY QUIET! I booked the place on a whim as I wanted to experience a bit of ‘nature’ after the big cities and it looked really nice on the pictures – what’s not to love about a State Park right? As mentioned previously it is still not quite holiday season so the place was pretty much dead with most other people there about twice our age. We arrived, dropped our stuff and went for a quick walk before settling in for the night – another early one! Not a bad experience overall and sometimes you need to take it easy I suppose.
Highlight of the day: Gays Hops-N-Schapps liquor store – the most interesting selection of liquors and bourbons I’ve seen in a long time!

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