We woke up to pouring rain in Madison and as we didn’t have too far to go to the next stop, Winona, we took it easy and made use of the fast internet at the Inn. Eventually though, we had to face the rain and got in the car – it rained the entire way to Winona and indeed the entire rest of the day! Sightseeing in Winona was luckily quite limited anyway as with the rain I wouldn’t have been happy to walk around too much! The drive was interesting though and it is definitely the greenest route we’ve done so far – though all the rain probably explains that! The latter part of the drive was along the Mississippi river and very nice indeed. On the way we drove past some sights mentioned in the guidebook, but as it was a rainy day and Memorial Day everything was really busy and we didn’t visit any of the sights in the end.
Winona is another fairly small place, with the main sights the Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka (not Costco!) and the Sugar Loaf. Our hotel was very close to the Sugar Loaf and I had plans of hiking around but the weather put an end to that! In the end we just drove around for a bit, had a bite to eat at Betty Jo’s (more cheese curds for me!) and an early night.
Best experience of the day: Culver’s Butterburger – so good that after trying mine Brian also had to have one!
Things I learned today: You can’t have too much cheesecurds!

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