Day 22 – Minneapolis to New Ulm – Where we got ambushed!

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The weather was forecast to be pretty rainy, but not as bad as it actually turned out to be! We woke up to rain, drove in very heavy rain, and arrived in New Ulm in rain. The rain was in fact so bad that we only stopped once on the trip to pick up some groceries, and didn’t do any sightseeing at all.
I wasn’t quite prepared for the ‘Germanness’ of New Ulm as the first thing that greeted us when we drove into the town was a sigh saying ‘Wilkommen – New Ulm’! Our hotel room doors had the German flag colours on it and there is a monument to Hermann who is some sort of German hero (I think?). The Econo Lodge where we stayed was less than half the price we paid in Minneapolis but fairly good, with only the Wi-Fi being really shoddy.
As it was still raining when we arrived and New Ulm is a small town anyway, we got our laundry done and we now have clean clothes again! We were given the world’s smallest iron and ironing board though – probably to discourage guests from stealing it! After getting the clothes done and hanging the almost dry clothes everywhere and on/over every surface in the room and bathroom we ventured out. The rain had calmed down a little bit but it was still dripping so we didn’t walk around much and only took a few pictures before grabbing something to eat and drink. I had a pork chop and vegetables (covered in butter and cheese) with chicken noodle soup as starter and Brian had potato skins with cheese and bacon. My food was good, though covered in garlic, to Brian’s annoyance!
On the way back to the hotel we were ambushed by a rather large woman who basically stepped in front of the car, forcing us to stop. When I say large, I mean REALLY large and we had no option but to stop. She asked is to give her a lift and got in the car without really waiting for our response and off we went. Fortunately she turned out to be not a complete nutcase and she got out of the car at the supermarket down the road from out hotel, after threatening to sign songs from My Fair Lady. It was quite a surreal experience, but funny nonetheless. New Ulm is very proud of its German heritage and there’s quite a few restaurants and streets with German names, all in all quite an interesting place.
Things I learned today: Even if you try and get the healthy vegetable option rather than the French fries, the Americans will still manage to make it as unhealthy as possible with some butter and parmesan!

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