Day 23 – New Ulm to Sioux Falls & Brian’s birthday!

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After a night of much coughing from Brian we woke up to a gloriously sunny day – the weather could not be more different today from the way it was yesterday. There is not a cloud in the sky and we got up and set off after taking some more pictures in New Ulm. The countryside here consists of farmland with newly sowed crops starting to appear everywhere and I’m hoping the rain will have done them good! We are taking a fairly quiet and small route to Sioux Falls passing by numerous small towns and seeing the local farms up close. On the way we stopped in a small town called Pipestone that is basically famous for the pink quartzite that used to be mined in the area, and many buildings are cladded in it.
As it was Brian’s birthday we stayed in quite a nice hotel again which is in the outskirts of Sioux Falls, along with about a bazillion other hotels; not the nicest area but it does mean that there’s lots of restaurant and bar options very close to the hotel. After dropping our assorted bags we ventured into Sioux Falls where the only major attraction really is the Falls. It was a very warm day, though clouds started gathering throughout the afternoon. We found it easy enough and walked around for a bit before heading back to the hotel and a much anticipated beer, and from there to a branch of the Outback Steakhouse just opposite the hotel, where we proceeded to eat ourselves into a food coma. We had a Blooming Onion to start, which was lovely though very oily. We then both had steaks which came with a side of potato and salad in my case and vegetables in Brian’s case. We got small steaks, but even so, after the onion and my salad I was so stuffed I left most of the steak and will be having it on a sandwich tomorrow! We were both utterly stuffed and stumbled back to the hotel and a mercifully cool room and lovely beds.

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