Day 53 – Rockaway Beach to Bandon

As we stayed an extra night in Rockaway Beach, we cancelled a night that I had booked in between Rockaway and Bandon, so we had quite a way to go, including sightseeing on the way. Before we left Rockaway Beach the pirate festival was in full swing with loads of people in Grumpy’s Diner, where I had pancakes, eggs and sausage, and driving out of the town we even spotted a couple of people in pirate costume walking about! Continue reading

Day 50 – 52 – Seaside holiday in Rockaway Beach!

We were in no hurry to leave Portland and only left about eleven, leaving me enough time to get updates from my sisters on mum’s condition, which is still not good. We took it easy on the way to Rockaway Beach, and stopped at Cannon Beach for some lunch at the Pig ‘N Pancake. Brian had banana pancakes and I had a French dip with clam chowder. Both were OK but nothing particularly nice. We walked around Cannon Beach town for a while, Continue reading

Day 44 – Kamloops to Vancouver

I HAD to start the day in Kamloops with breakfast at Passek’s Classics where I had the Pulled Pork Skillet, while Brian made me feel guilty by looking at me gorging myself while he made do with a cup of coffee! To be fair, it was only half past nine in the morning and I was stuffing myself with lots of meat and fried potatoes! Breakfast was lovely though, and well worth trying out (they do lunch as well). Continue reading

Day 42 – Banff to Revelstoke

Monday morning in Banff looked a bit better than the weekend’s weather and we were in no hurry to leave as our next stop, Revelstoke was only 180 miles from Banff. We had to drive through the park to go west and onwards to Revelstoke and it was yet another scenic drive full of mountains with snow capped peaks and valleys and rivers and lakes. The whole route in fact was beautiful and a really nice drive – Continue reading