Day 29 – Buffalo to Cody and Four Weeks on the Road!

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Today we’ve been in America for four weeks already and we’ve seen a helluva lot! I keep trying to slow us down as at our current pace we will either finish the trip before the 6 months are up, or we’ll have to take a long-ish break somewhere affordable – any tips & advice on where are welcome!!
I suspect this part of the country is probably cheaper than anywhere near the coast or the south, but we’ll have to see I suppose. So far things are going well and we’ve both pretty much recovered from our colds and coughs and we’re eating healthier. We’re also pretty used to sleeping somewhere different every night and packing up quickly and efficiently so we can get back on the road in the smallest amount of time possible while spending the most possible time in places with good Wi-Fi doing our blogs and researching next steps, while trying to avoid killing each other over who is hogging the laptop! So far we’ve travelled almost 4,000 miles with plenty more to come!
Breakfast at the hotel was pretty shit and I decided to have a Hardees Thickburger for brunch as Hardees are regional and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a Thickburger! I had a Mushroom and Swiss third pound Thickburger and it was pretty good, though with an aftertaste that may have been the mushroom, but that wasn’t entirely nice! I also couldn’t eat the whole bun, though it was very good.
From Buffalo we drove the US16 through the Bighorn National Forest & Mountains and is was pretty scenic, with snow still on top of the mountains. In fact, the route we took was along the Sky Peak Skyway. We had a fairly long drive time wise due to the mountain passes and stops for pictures, even though it is only 180 miles to our next stop, Cody.
Cody is about 50 miles East of Yellowstone and its main trade seems to be tourism as many people stop off and stay there on their way to Yellowstone’s East Gate, or even use it as a base for visiting Yellowstone. Cody is named after Buffalo Bill and is a fairly small town with a small population, but with many, many visitors, as we found when we tried to get something to eat without having booked! Our motel for the night was called the Wigwam Motel and as we pulled up to it there was a whole gang of bikers sitting around outside their rooms and my heart sank, thinking they’d be loud and causing trouble all night. Of course, that was just my preconceived notions and they never caused any trouble or made any noise, and like Brain says, everyone we’ve seen on a Harley so far has been pretty much his age and are probably much more respectable than the image suggests!
We ventured out around 6 for dinner and drinks and the town was rammed; we eventually ended up eating some utterly rubbish Mexican food (and usually I love Mexican!) before going back to the motel as we had an early start in the morning. Sadly we missed the rodeo due to some bad planning by me, but maybe we can still catch one somewhere else.
Things I learned today: Don’t judge a book by its cover – not all bikers are rabble rousers!

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