Grand Teton National Park

Day 30 – Cody to Wapiti, Yellowstone & Grand Teton!

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I’m a bit behind on my posts as we were in Yellowstone National Park for 3 days and were so busy I didn’t get round to posting anything!
We started out from Cody quite early on Wednesday morning so we could go to Yellowstone National Park for the day. On the way we checked into our motel for the next couple of nights at Wapiti, Green Creek Inn, and got our key to the room. We were all set to go to the park with our sandwiches packed when we encountered some roadworks in the shape of new Tarmac being put down right in front of the motel, meaning we had to wait for about 20 minutes until they rolled the surface etc before we could get back on the road!
The road through the Shoshone National Forest up to the East Gate of Yellowstone is lovely with nice mountain formations on the one side and a rolling river on the other side, so we had high expectations of Yellowstone! We went in using our trusted $80 annual card and started the drive to Grand Teton National Park as we decided that would be the best way to spend our first day in the park. The drive in is scenic in some places and not so much in other places; long stretches of road are lined with dead pines, that must have burned at some point, and haven’t regrown yet. At Fishing Bridge we turned left to follow the road to West Thumb and from there to the South Entrance/Exit of the park, and on to Grand Teton. Of course, you see the mountains long before you get to the start of Grand Teton Park and they are very impressive, snow capped and very high, and almost impossible to take a bad picture of! We went into the visitors centre at Colter Bay and got a map and decided to do a circle route, taking us through the park and back out again, and enabling us to see as much as possible in one do. On the way we made multiple stops and had some beautiful views, as the pictures below will hopefully show!
We left Grand Teton and stopped at West Thumb Geyser Basin for our first glimpse of geysers and took loads of pictures!
We got back to Wapiti quite late and realised that our room had no fridge! Fortunately the motel owners let us keep our things in their fridge otherwise all the shopping would have been a waste. We spent a quiet evening with sandwiches and a couple of beers in a room with walls so thin you could hear the people talking (and snoring) next door quite clearly – and this was quite an expensive place, but everything near the park is ridiculously expensive so we had to put up with it!
It is very hard picking pictures to post out of the hundreds we took, so here is a selection; I am considering putting more on Flickr if/when I get time.

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