Day 43 – Revelstoke to Kamloops

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Yet again we didn’t have far to drive so we took it easy, had breakfast at the hotel and used their internet and printing before we set off for Kamloops. Kamloops is a much bigger city than Revelstoke and a popular stopover for people travelling across Canada. This means there are plenty of hotels, though not that many inside the town. We stayed at the The Thompson Hotel which was pretty good but also a bit more expensive than our average – which is admittedly pretty low! The hotel was pretty good with helpful check-in staff and we had a good stay.
We just did our usual walk of the town and along the waterfront (there is even a beach!), making stops at The Shark Club (where the waitress wore a VERY short dress) and Mittz Kitchen where I had a VERY nice Maple Bourbon Smash cocktail. Mittz also has quite an interesting menu compared to most as after a while you’ll find that most menus in Canada/America are pretty much identical, with the usual burgers, sandwiches and appetizers. We were tempted to eat there, but I’d read about a place closer to our hotel called The Noble Pig that I wanted to try as it got good reviews on Tripadvisor. When we arrived at the restaurant there was a bit of a queue in front of us even though the place wasn’t that busy. It was still a nice warm day and we eventually managed to get seated outside before proceeding to wait ages for our food order! Brian had Fish & Chips that contained a tiny bit of fish and I had the Bison Curry which was actually pretty good. The food was ok, but we probably should shave eaten at Mittz Kitchen! We didn’t stay too long after eating, but at least our hotel was close – in fact our room overlooked The Noble Pig’s patio area! Kamloops was another relaxed stopover and a nice day for walking around.

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