Day 47 – Seattle to Aberdeen

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I was awake from about 3am and was in contact with Carina a lot as my mum had been diagnosed with a ‘burst’ stomach ulcer, or a perforated stomach ulcer and was going into surgery to try and fix it; at her age and general health not something to be trifled with and a major operation. She came out of surgery ok, but the next few days/weeks will be very tough on everyone until she is over the worst and I am finding it very hard being so far away.
Aberdeen isn’t very far from Seattle so we didn’t need to rush too much and had a slow start and a fairly good cooked breakfast at the hotel in Seattle, watching people getting their breakfast on their way to the US Open golf at nearby Chambers Bay. For the next week or so we will mostly be staying on the west coast on our way to San Francisco and I tried to pick places within easy travelling distance of each other as we have so much time to spare. It will become a fine balancing act between spending/wasting time and money just ‘hanging about’ as we have so much time in to US or deciding to just finish what we came to do and going home regardless of how much time we have left of our planned six months. We’ve already done more than we initially planned as we weren’t sure we’d fit Vancouver and Seattle in, but we did and we’re still ahead of schedule! Still, this means we can maybe take it easy in the southern states or do Memphis and Nashville etc that we also thought we wouldn’t have time for.
Even though I try to research towns where I book hotels, it is still a bit hit and miss, and Aberdeen was a little bit on the ‘miss’ side, though nothing on the scale of Cardston! Clearly Google Maps can’t always be believed when you look at a town in detail and it appears there are many options for eating and drinking as we arrived in the town and there seemed to be only one option for both! Our motel for the night was The Guesthouse Inn and Suites and was pretty good for the price with good Wifi, so at least that was an improvement on Cardston! The guy at reception told me about a bar/restaurant about 10 minutes up the road in the next town and after unloading we set out for a walk of Aberdeen, followed by a drive to Hoquiam to go and check out the 8th Street Ale House. The drive was fairly dull, even though it looks on a map like you should be able to get pretty good views there’s just not that much to see. We had a drink at the 8th Street Ale House and went back to Aberdeen, where we left the car at the motel before heading to Billy’s Bar & Grill for something to eat. I had the hamburger steak meal, which came with vegetables, mash & gravy, and best of all, clam chowder that turned out to be amazing! The restaurant’s specialty is brick burgers, and Brian was brave enough to try a brick burger between two toasted cheese and bacon sandwiches – quite possibly the most calorific thing I’ve ever seen, but it tasted great and Brian did pretty well for someone who doesn’t generally eat a lot! We really should have had some cholesterol and blood works done before we came on this trip so we could compare when we got back! After dinner we took a stroll back to the hotel and watched some SoA. Aberdeen is OK for a stopover, but little more than that, and the town has a strange ‘condemned’ look about it with lots of empty buildings everywhere.

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