Day 56 – Fort Bragg to Petaluma

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We stuck to the coast when we left Fort Bragg, and briefly drove through Mendocino which is quite a pretty town, with some good views of the ocean. We also stopped at Point Arena Light, where we had a picnic lunch (we’ve been packing sandwiches recently). The lighthouse was well worth visiting and we walked around for a bit and enjoyed the view – though it was quite windy & chilly! We carried on along the coast to Bodega Bay where we turned inland for the suddenly dry and much more boring drive to Petaluma. Petaluma was purely a stopover before going to San Francisco and as such we didn’t even do any exploring of the town, but just used the internet (that you pay extra for at Motel 6 of course) and went out for happy hour a bit later on. We’ve been taking advantage of happy hour a lot; in fact wherever we can as alcohol is getting quite expensive. Unfortunately this also means that we end up being a bit tired and sleepy quite early in the evenings! The only noteworthy thing of the day is that Brian had a Jack In The Box burger, and it was ok – not great, but edible. I’ve pretty much made it my/our mission to try all the chain burgers while we’re here! It was strange suddenly being in a big and busy town again as most of the drive of the day was very quiet with few other cars and people to be seen. We had a drink at City Limits Restaurant where I tried the Prime Rib Dinner, that you see in most restaurants, which was interesting. All I can say is that I’ve tried it now, the meat didn’t taste of anything and I enjoyed the vegetables and baked potato a lot more than the meat!

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