Day 59 – San Francisco to Monterey

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We didn’t have a long trip from San Francisco to Monterey, but as the remotes on the car didn’t seem to work properly, Brian had been in touch with Alamo and arranged to change the car at Oakland Airport. We made our way there, and after an initial smooth swop we ran into administrative issues and it took a bit longer to sort out than we’d hoped! We managed to get out of San Francisco by about noon though, and made our way to Santa Cruz, where we paid quite a lot in parking and joined a lot of other people going to the beach for the day. Basically there is a boardwalk and amusement arcades and rides, much like an English seaside town! It was rather naff, but interesting enough in a way. We also had some lunch at a café where I had a monster sandwich and Brian had some French toast.
We made our way to Monterey, hoping to be able to do our washing, but the Downtown Days Inn didn’t have a laundry. This prompted me to change the next night’s booking from San Luis Obispo to a town further on where I was sure they’d have a laundry (unfortunately it was a Motel 6). Once in Monterey we were tired (lazy) and instead of exploring the town chilled out until just after 7pm when we met Christa and Chris for something to eat and drink. I hadn’t seen my uni friend Christa in many, many years and it was great to catch up. We went to The Crown and Anchor and had some food and a couple of drinks while trying to catch up with everything that’s been happening in the years we hadn’t been in contact much. Time went too quickly and we went our separate ways. We walked around town a bit more and went to a rather strange bar with live music, The Bull and Bear, but only stayed for one drink before calling it a night.
We walked around Monterey some more the next morning as we felt we didn’t make enough of an effort to see the town, and I’ve posted the pictures here, instead of under Day 60. Monterey is a lovely town and well worth a visit.

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