Day 66 – Temecula to Tulare – Dry, dry, dry!

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I don’t really have much to say about this trip as it just involved us driving for 5 hours to get us closer to Yosemite. Initially we were going to try and get into Sequoia National Park so we got ready early, but after I had another look and worked out the time it would take to drive into and around the park it just didn’t make sense. Instead we had (another good!) breakfast at the hotel – they even had pancakes! Brian then called BA to start the process of changing our flights and it took quite a long time, without it being actually resolved; however you look at it, it will cost a lot of money!
The climate on the way was very, very dry as there is a massive drought on (as everyone probably knows). We saw mile upon mile of vineyards and (I think) Almond trees and other crops that would take a lot of water, so somehow they manage to keep the crops going. Everywhere you go there are signs reminding you to preserve water, and other than the green crops the hills and field are brown and dead.
The drive to Tulare was uneventful and we only stopped at the Walmart in Tulare for some food and another couple of clothes items for me. We then checked into the hotel, La Quinta Inn, where we got upgraded from a queen room to a king room/suite which was huge for a hotel room, with a couch and area for prepping food. We didn’t even bother exploring Tulare but instead used the internet for a bit and then went to the restaurant/saloon next door to the hotel, Cool Hand Luke. I had a tri tip steak and Brian a burger. My meal came with dinner rolls, salad, campfire beans and a baked potato, which means I never even touched the steak and had to take it away (I prefer potato to steak actually!). Brian’s burger was very nice as well and we had quite cheap drinks, as well as $5 off the bill as we were staying in La Quinta. The evenings are kind of starting to flow into each other as we travel from place to place, generally tired and just wanting a beer and something to eat, and not looking for anything more interesting or exciting. I suppose after 9 weeks of the same routine the fun has gone out of looking for new places to eat and drink in every town and we are more or less settling for convenience now. I do try and make sure we stay somewhere close to a couple of places to eat and drink, but even when we stay somewhere very central like San Diego’s Gaslamp District we still don’t go out longer or do more than if we stay somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I must be very much off my stroke when I am no longer interested in finding new bars to explore everywhere we go!

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