Day 84 – Dallas to Austin

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Though Dallas to Austin is about 200 miles we didn’t feel like we were in any hurry and set out in the morning to explore Dallas before it got too hot. We walked around for probably a couple of hours, taking some pictures and looking at things, and I’m happy to report that Dallas seems to be quite a nice city with nice looking bars and restaurants. – I was looking for people dressed in suits with Stetsons and cowboy boots but sadly I didn’t spot any and everyone looked fairly normal!
On the drive to Austin I finally convinced Brian to stop at a Taco Bell for some breakfast for me, and I had a Quesarito which was actually rather nice, though very rich and definitely very fattening. We got to the Super 8 in Austin where yet again our room wasn’t available – I totally fail to see how they could have NO rooms available at all as we were the first people who tried to check in and surely they must have been able to have one room cleaned by 2pm?! I am convinced a lot of these motels just refuse to let you check in before the official check-in time to make a point – not that I’m sure what the point would be! Anyway, we decided to hang around the reception area and after about 20 minutes the receptionist relented and decided to give us a room – though she then said she couldn’t check us in because the room was booked in my name, and even though I’ve already paid for it online with Brian’s card her ‘system’ wouldn’t allow the check-in to go ahead without the name on the booking and the card matching! We’ve staying in probably about 70 different places in the time we’ve been here, including a few Super 8’s and never have we had this issue before (Brian was standing there with his card and ID so its not like it could be fraud)….eventually it was all sorted out though and the room itself wasn’t too bad.
Our motel was within walking distance of Austin’s 6th Street historic area and we set out almost straight away to go and explore the town. We walked straight down 12th Street to the State Capitol Building, which is big and pink and very impressive! I went inside and walked around the place for a bit while Brian stayed outside and took some pictures of statues and things – it was bloody boiling and I was glad to go inside the cool building for a while! From the Capitol we walked down to the 2nd Street area and along the river for a bit before heading up Congress towards 6th Street. 6th Street is FULL of bars and restaurants and most of the bars have live music on so it is pretty darn impossible to decide which one to go to – and even I couldn’t drink in each of them! We went into Darwins Pub where they had an open mic night with various different people singing and performing, but we only stayed for a little while as there was much more to see and do! We have a truly amazing burger at the Old School Bar and Grill. I had the Buffalo Bleu Cheese and Brian the Texas Two Thep and this was definitely under my top 5 of burgers consumed so far on this trip! We carried on from Old School to Beerland on Red River Street, where they had some stand-up comedy on so we listened to some of it…it wasn’t great to be honest but I can appreciate how hard it must be and how much guts it must take to do something like that.
Our final and fatal (for me) stop was at Pelons Tex Mex where we had a drink before a guy at the bar started talking to us and buying us drinks…I can’t remember when I last had that amount of hard liquor in one go, but it was an interesting night and a good experience, despite the fact that Brian had to practically carry me home! I also managed to give my email address to the bartender (Karen) which is a first for me and I clearly had to be very drunk to go that far as I am notoriously stingy with my contact details!

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