Lake Charles

Day 88 – Houston to Lake Charles

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Houston to Lake Charles wasn’t too far to travel and as Lake Charles was just a stopover instead of a destination we left Houston late-ish. I was really annoyed as the internet was very shoddy and I couldn’t really get it to work properly on my laptop, meaning I had nothing to do while Brian was sorting out some admin! We are in the unfortunate position that two of our tenants decided to leave at the same time and while we’re on holiday so there’s a lot to sort out and try and arrange remotely which is a pain with the time difference and distance.
We checked into the Howard Johnson Inn in Lake Charles and went out to explore the town after a while. It was very hot here as well but we braved the heat and walked to the lake and around the town for quite a while, until we found a bar called OB’s Bar & Grill. We only had one drink as it seemed like quite a rough place but it probably wasn’t as bad as it appeared at first sight! From there we walked around some more and ended up in a pizza place called Pint House Pizzeria where Brian had a pizza and I had a chocolate mousse cake. I had some leftover BBQ for lunch so wasn’t hungry as such, but the cake hit the spot, and the pizza was pretty good as well. We’d read about the most popular place in our area, Luna Bar & Grill so after finishing the pizza we went there for a couple of drinks. The place was packed (it was Friday night after all) and we said we’d sit outside for a drink as it was the only space they had left. At first it was very hot but as the evening wore on it became quite nice to be outside and eventually the outside area also filled up with diners. I’m kind of gutted I didn’t get to eat there, but the food didn’t look as amazing as the reviews suggest so hopefully I didn’t miss out too much! They were having a band on later the evening but we didn’t stay for that and went home fairly early to get some sleep for New Orleans the next night!

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