New Orleans

Day 90 – Sunday in New Orleans

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Breakfast was included at the hotel, but I had to fight the hordes to get any sort of food, and after that experience I vowed to not bother with the hotel’s breakfast again! We only went out quite late and went in the opposite direction to Bourbon street, checking out the warehouse district and the WWII museum before walking back towards the Louis Armstrong Park, which was a really nice park. We then just walked around the streets of the French Quarter and I of course took a stupid amount of pictures of buildings again….but I couldn’t help it, there are some lovely buildings and some great sights. As Brian hadn’t eaten in days we went to Yo Mama’s Bar & Grill for a burger for him which was really good, and a jacket potato for me. The place itself was pretty interesting as well – not somewhere you’d expect to find a good burger, but it delivered! We went back to the hotel for a rest so that we could enjoy the evening properly! We did manage to have another few drinks on the way to the hotel, as you do!
We went out again about 7pm so I could go and have the obligatory hand grenade, which was very nice tasting, but I was sensible and only had the one as the night was still young! We walked on and towards Frenchmen Street via some of the quieter streets while I was still sipping my hand grenade. We walked around the area and through a lovely night-time market with some cute things for sale. We checked out The Spotted Cat Music Club but it was very full so didn’t go in in the end. On the way down the street we went into another club/bar (Vaso) with some very good music where we spent quite a bit of time listening to music and checking out the rather interesting and ever changing crowd. Drinks weren’t cheap and eventually the fact that the band came round with a bucket for more money after every song got too much and we walked on. We ambled around Decatur, Royal and Bourbon Streets and to be honest, things became a bit of a blur after a while, but all I know is we enjoyed ourselves a lot! When we got back to the hotel I polished off my leftover Po’boy and went to sleep – quite a late night for us oldies!

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