Clearwater Beach

Day 95 – Clearwater Beach

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I slept quite late and caught up with my blog when I got up, before having some leftover pizza for breakfast. We went down to the hotel’s pool and relaxed in the shade with a book until a thunderstorm and heavy rain forced us inside around noon. We just relaxed and lounged about until it was time to go out again to go and find some food and drink! We ended up back at Cooters where I had their speciality chicken wings, Daytona Style, and blackened Grouper Cheeks. Bother were very good, but the chicken wings were exceptional and I had way too much fat while eating them! Brian’s burger was also very good so not a bad choice for an early dinner. The place was fairly quiet when we got there but by the time we left it was filling up and I can imagine it would get very busy on a Friday.
We walked back to Crabbys and had a few drinks, relaxing and sitting about until it was dark before going back to the hotel for an early night. We were asleep by 10pm but awake again by 11pm; woken by a massive amount of alarms, fire trucks, fire and rescue services etc – about 13-14 vehicles in total! We went out on the balcony along with all the other people in the hotel but nobody could really figure out what was going on and the firemen didn’t seem to be doing anything either. The most exciting thing that happened was probably watching the paramedics checking peoples’ blood pressure on the sidewalk and girls taking selfies with the firemen – completely ridiculous! After half an hour or so of people standing about the police and fire & rescue people finally started to leave. We still couldn’t figure out exactly what happened, but it appears as if the lift got stuck and somehow 15 emergency vehicles turned up…might have been a little bit of an overreaction methinks!

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