The day didn’t start off too well when I was awoken at 5am by the washing machines doing their thing next to our room. The motel serves Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast along with coffee, and while having my doughnut I complained bitterly and we got moved into another room that was available – thankfully away from the laundry and much brighter and lighter. We moved our stuff, and as we did more the day before than I anticipated, we took it fairly easy. We went to explore the local beach called Tybee Beach on Tybee Island, about half an hour away, and spent some time on the beach topping up our tans (I don’t think I’ve been this tanned in my entire life!). Tybee Beach is a lovely uncrowded beach (mind you, it was a Monday morning) with pristine white sand a calm sea to swim in.
After relaxing on the beach we headed back to the motel, got showered and went out for something to eat. Brian had another Five Guys burger while I went to The Lady & Sons, which is supposedly a Southern institution, though locals may disagree! They do a buffet of Southern food for $16 over lunch, that includes a biscuit and some other local corn cake type thing as well as desert. The buffet differs from day to day, but they ALWAYS have fried chicken! I made the most of the buffet and especially tried out all the vegetables as they looked interesting. Along with fried chicken they had oxtail, ribs, collard greens, black eyed peas, green beans, macaroni & cheese, cornbread, cabbage, amazing sweet potato and the BEST mashed potato that I’ve ever eaten. I’m sure that wasn’t all of the dishes, but that’s the only ones I remember trying! They also have a salad bar though I didn’t bother with that! Salad is a big thing in America and people seem to have salad with every meal they eat out – of course it is generally doused in some sort of dressing so I have my doubts about the benefits of eating that as well as your meal! I probably could have stuffed some more food down my throat but Brian was at large so I decided to go and look for him rather than forcefeed myself (I also didn’t have room for the desert – though I regretted that later!). I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and can definitely recommend The Lady & Sons. On the way back to the motel we stopped at The Rail Pub for a drink. It looked like quite a popular spot and quite a few people came in during the time we were there and they were already starting on the shots even though it was just after 3pm! We didn’t stay too long and went back to the motel for a rest.
We went out fairly late and walked down another few streets we hadn’t been down before and took some more pictures. That seems to be the issue with us staying somewhere for more than one day – on the second day we end up just not doing much at all! As we’d already eaten for the day we were just looking for somewhere to have a couple of drinks and we stumbled upon Hang Fire where some friendly locals started talking to us. It seemed to be quite a ‘local’ pub where most people knew each other as well as the bartender and it turned out to be another good night with quite a few drinks! It also turns out that all any of them knew about South Africa was that Die Antwoord comes from South Africa – it was quite surreal! Anyway, it was a great night chatting to Christian, Andrew and Chris though I was gutted to hear that the bar was closing at the end of the month as it is an awesome place!
Once again we got back to the motel quite late and stumbled to bed. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse for me and I was sick most of the night, whether from too much rich food, dodgy food or drink I’m not sure, but it sure was unpleasant!

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