Day 100 – Charleston to Augusta

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Stupidly I woke up and thought I must surely be fine as I can’t still be ill, and insisted on trying breakfast at Toast next to the motel. I had an egg. And half a crab cake and a bite of the fried green tomato (very nice) and a couple of home fries before getting a box for the rest. Charleston to Augusta was spent with my seat back and trying to keep the food down, and I went straight to bed when we got to the Quality Inn Augusta. I did manage to go for quite a long walk later the day after a rest, and we walked along Augusta’s River Walk and back up the main street – no eating or alcohol for me of course! Augusta seemed a strange place, with quite a lot of really nice old buildings, but a lot of them standing empty and forlorn looking. We could only find a few places that were open for food and drink and the town was really quiet – though a nice looking place. I suspect it is a completely different kettle of fish when the golf is on though!

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