Day 101 – Augusta to Atlanta

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Yet again I believed that I was fine and had a very small breakfast at the motel in Augusta – I simply can’t help thinking that my body needs some sustenance! On the way to Atlanta we made a quick stop to take a picture at Augusta National as you’re not allowed anywhere near or inside the place. The trip to Atlanta was uneventful and once again we were lucky that the Hilton Atlanta had a room ready for us. We were going to stay there for three nights and it was quite a nice room with good views of the city and was more than happy to be in a luxurious room to recuperate!
Brian had arranged to meet an old friend in the evening but instead of feeling better, I started feeling worse again and in the end I ended up staying in while Brian went to meet Drew. I took some ‘arty’ pictures out of our hotel window to entertain myself though!

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