Day 103 – Atlanta & Botanical Garden

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Every morning I wake up and think I am fine and my stomach bug is over, and this morning was no different! I was feeling brave and we set off about 10:30 for the MARTA station, to take us a few stops to the High Museum of Art where we got
off and wandered about for a bit, taking some nice pictures. We then marched on towards the Botanical Garden that I was very much looking forward to. We paid our $20 each to get in and started walking about, and it really is a very good botanical garden and definitely worth the entry fee. I saw loads of plants I’d never seen before, as well as some very interesting frogs! Their orchid garden was probably the highlight for me and the way they have them on display in a very natural looking environment is really good. Another famous part of the garden is the Earth Goddess, a giant plant sculpture, and she really is fantastic! They were also having an evening event, showcasing Bruce Munro’s Light in the Garden, but we didn’t stay for that, although from what we’ve seen it would have been spectacular. We walked around for a couple of hours and I was feeling fine for the first time in a few days!
From the Botanical Garden we walked through Piedmont Park where there was a great market with lots and lots of stalls, mostly selling original art and crafts, and this would definitely be the place to go if you were looking for something interesting to decorate your house with. I was leading us towards The Vortex where I was planning on putting my stomach to the test! The Vortex is known for their quirky interior (over 21’s only) and their great burgers. I was feeling brave, but not completely stupid, and settled for a chicken breast burger, of which I eventually only had the meat and not much else as the potato salad was ridiculously rich. Brian had the Rebel Outlaw which is a half pound burger with pulled pork, cheese and bacon – I tried a tiny bit of the patty and it was delicious – one of the better patties I’ve tasted in a while. After finishing our meal we made our way back onto MARTA and by the time we got back to the hotel my slight, nagging headache had developed into a full-blown migraine despite moderate amounts of painkillers, meaning I took to my bed and had another early and uneventful evening!
I may have gone a little bit overboard with the amount of flower pictures!

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