Day 109 – Asheville to Roanoke

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Asheville to Roanoke was our last full day and ‘sightseeing’ part of the trip, as the next day would just be making our way to Dulles Airport. Once again we got onto the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Asheville and drove the quiet, winding road that is the Blue Ridge Parkway. Basically the road runs along the ridge of the mountains, as the name would imply, with the sole purpose of enabling people to enjoy the drive and the views, rather than just getting you from point A to point B. It was a good and scenic drive and we stopped for loads of pictures along the way. The day was quite misty, which made the forests appear even more like a rainforest and it really is very pretty.
We couldn’t drive the whole way on the Parkway as it would have taken too long, so at some point we came off it and were pointed down some stupidly small roads by the satnav that took a lot longer than indicated! Sometimes it is nice driving the rural roads as it makes for more interesting scenery, but it can also get quite old really quickly. Eventually we made it to Roanoke where we checking into another Holiday Inn, not quite inside the town but within easily walkable distance to the town and a nice hotel.
As I made Brian stop for a burger at Wendy’s (another one ticked off on my list!) I wasn’t that hungry but we made our way down to the town pretty soon after checking in. The Wendy’s burger was ok, but basically tasted just like McDonald’s, so nothing special about it, other than their square patties! Roanoke turned out to be yet another really nice American town with lots of nice looking restaurants and a market and Brian had a burger at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint while I decided I couldn’t face another burger for my last proper meal in America! Jack Brown’s is quite nice and another place where the burgers get very good reviews, but I had a bite of Brian’s burger and really didn’t like it; it was completely underseasoned and tasted of nothing – though they have a nice beer selection.
From there we walked around the town a bit and I had a Shrimp & Oyster Po’Boy at The Quarter Restaurant which was rather good, and we stayed outside in their courtyard for quite a few drinks in the end, before going back to the hotel for our last night in a hotel for quite some time – hopefully!

2 Replies to “Day 109 – Asheville to Roanoke”

  1. When my family comes to visit us in virginia, they always stop in Roanoke! They love it! I have yet to go but I do know the blue ridge parkway is absolutely gorgeous. We went this past winter and hiked in the snow. It was so fun! New follower from these virginia bloggers! 🙂


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