Day 5 – Jeffrey’s Bay to Summerstrand – 13 September 2016

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So far we’ve stayed in our overnight accommodation pretty much until checkout time so it has felt like a real holiday with us taking it easy, going to bed early and sleeping fairly late. I’ve really enjoyed it but I’m sure it will change as some of our trips coming up will be fairly long trips with long days of driving.
But not yet though! We left Jeffrey’s Bay about 10am and got back on the N2, again with the intention to go and see a few places on the way as PE is only about an hours’ drive away.

The weather was a bit threatening but fortunately brightened up a bit by the time we got to Sardinia Bay via Seaview on the coast. Sardinia Bay was an amazing surprise! It is a conservation area with huge dunes, clear blue water and long beaches, without another soul in sight. Brian tried climbing straight up a huge dune and almost wrote himself off, especially with his sore legs from our Storms River hike! I found it hilarious and took an easier route up – as always the sensible one!

We investigated Summerstrand but soon came to the conclusion that there’s not too much going on in off season! We found our B&B, Beachwalk B&B, caught up with some admin and then went for a walk down the beach/promenade. The beach area is pretty impressive with lots of green space, boardwalks and paved areas for running etc. We had a beer at Something Good and on the way back up the beach it was getting quite busy with people running, cycling and walking – not that it made me feel guilty for being such a lazy git in the slightest!
We had an early dinner while watching the sunset at Blue Waters Cafe, which consisted of a decent-ish burger, though nothing to get too excited about! We had a quick drink at Barneys Tavern before calling it a night and heading home for another quiet evening. By this point is was getting very chilly and windy outside so just as well we didn’t plan on pub crawling!

We didn’t go into PE itself though will probably drive through on our way to Addo and have a quick look at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. Another good stay in a good B&B.

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