Umhlanga Rocks

Day 14 – Durban to Umhlanga Rocks – 22 September

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Durban and Umhlanga Rocks are only a stone’s throw away from each other so we had to find something to do until we could check into our next B&B. We left at kicking out time (10am) as usual and drove to the nearby Moses Mabhida Stadium to have a look around. Fortunately the Sky Car seemed to be closed otherwise I may have felt compelled to go on it and see Durban from above, or even do the Big Rush Big Swing! It was another grey and overcast day but at least not cold and raining. The stadium actually looks a lot more impressive from further away and I really should have taken pictures the day before when we were driving by!

We started up the coast and stopped by the Blue Lagoon part of the beach and worked out way down, stopping every now and again for pictures. Parts of the beach are unfortunately very dirty, but other parts are very nice, and there were lots of people out and about running and walking on the promenade.

Finally we couldn’t put it off any longer and drove up to Umhlanga Rocks, where Tesorino B&B was nice enough to let us check in at just after 11am! I was very happy with them for that and they are also a very nice B&B. Smallish rooms, but with a balcony overlooking the garden and a glimpse of the sea, and why would you need a huge room for one night’s stay? They had good internet as well and we spent a good few hours laying about, using the internet and just relaxing. Even though the trip so far has been a lot more relaxed than I thought it would be, you do get a bit tired and it is nice to be able to have some ‘time off’.

Later on we went walking about Umhlanga, took pictures of the famous lighthouse and the beach and had a drink in The Oyster Box, as you do! I really wanted to stay for the curry buffet at The Ocean Terrace but it seemed a bit over the top and I would have just eaten way too much! We had dinner at Little Havana where my deconstructed prawn samosa was amazing. They are famous for their steaks apparently, though I’m not sure what they few us as Ribeye was Ribeye at all as it didn’t look or taste like any ribeye I’d had before, though it was edible. I was quite full anyway, and after dinner we made our way back to the B&B and to bed.

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