Travel Views - Long Tom Pass

Day 23 – Hoedspruit to Graskop – 1 October

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We took it easy waking up in the lodge as we’d already done some of the sights the day before, so were in no hurry to get up and going – plus I had a headache! The lodge looked even better in daylight and I took some pictures before we left. The weather started getting a bit windy and unpleasant as we were packing up, which didn’t bode well. The weather forecast predicted that it would be a cold and rainy day but I was still hopeful and plotted a route taking us via Long Tom Pass to Sabie.

We drove a part of the same route as the day before and then turned off for the pass – the first bit of the route was scenic enough, but as soon as we crested the top of the pass it was just FOG everywhere, and Brian bravely struggled on for many kilometres with zero visibility! We eventually made it to Sabie and turned off for the first waterfall – the Horseshoe Falls. Fortunately the visibility at the waterfalls were all ok, and after Horseshoe Falls we went to Lonecreek and Bridal Veil falls, and all of them were good in their own way.

It was getting late but we still wanted to see the other falls, though when we drove past Mac Mac falls visibility was so poor that we didn’t even bother stopping! When we passed the turnoff to Pilgrim’s Rest the fog wasn’t too bad though, so we made a quick detour there to have a look at the place and take some pictures. To be honest, the drive there was probably better than the actual town and makes the detour worth it!

Driving into Graskop was another battle against the fog but we found our guesthouse, Havana Nights, easily enough. I rented a three bedroom unit for the two of us, as they charge per person and it was still cheaper than a lot of the other places in the area – I did feel bad though as of course the owner could have made a lot more money from six people than two! The cottage is very well equipped and each one is individually and very nicely furnished, including heaters, coffee and tea and fully equipped kitchen. The cottage also had the best shower of the trip so far! It started raining pretty much as soon as we checked in so we had a cup of coffee and Brian watched the football while I tried, unsuccessfully, to get the WiFi working properly. After the football finished we went for some dinner at Canimambo where I had the chicken curry and Brian steak. My curry tasted very nice, but one of the 3 bits of chicken was practically raw and when I told the waitress about it, nothing happened. Brian’s steak was just ok. The place is quirky and interesting and one of very few options in Graskop for dinner. Graskop probably isn’t a place you’d want to spend too many nights, but it’s not bad for a stopover if you’re in the area to see the sights.

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