Lisbon Falls

Day 24 – Graskop to Pretoria – 2 October

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As the weather was pretty crap the day before, we’d hoped that we could see the waterfalls that we missed the day before – but once again the weather didn’t play along and it was cold, misty and drizzly when we got up. We decided to try anyway and got going about 9:30-ish. First we drove north towards Berlin and Lisbon Falls and things didn’t look good!! Luckily both the falls were accessible and fairly clear so we could get good views – it wasn’t nice enough outside to linger anywhere though!
Next we drove south to Mac Mac Falls, where the fog was even worse, but we persevered! The view of Mac Mac wasn’t great, but we still saw it and there were quite a few other mad people like us! On the way through Sabie we stopped for pancakes at The Wild Fig Tree which were very nice and filling before we got on the road to Pretoria.

The drive to Pretoria was long and at times the road was very busy with some insane drivers, but we made it to my aunt’s by 3pm and just chilled the rest of the day.

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