Sterkfontein Caves

Day 25 – Pretoria – 3 October

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Our trip to Pretoria combined business with pleasure as Brian had to try and sort something out with the Turkish Embassy, so we were at their door by 9am.
As always when dealing with any sort of bureaucracy it is never as simple as you hope, but we were out of there by 10am and on our way to the Cradle of Humankind. We went to Sterkfontein Caves first where they take you to a cave, similar to where the famous Mrs Ples and Little Foot were found. I found the tour and information very interesting as it was my field of study, even though there are some areas in the cave that are quite tight and that they don’t warn you about before buying a ticket! I was glad to see that the unhealthy eating on the trip hadn’t expanded my waistline to the point where I got stuck (yet)!

We then went to Maropeng where the main visitor’s area and museum is. The place is huge and must be amazing for kids, with lots of interactive displays and information – with the highlight being a ‘boat ride’ that is a bit like a theme park where you go in a little boat that takes you through time. I thoroughly enjoyed that bit! We spent a fair amount of time in the museum and enjoying the views before grabbing something to eat before heading back to Pretoria where we had to deal with more issues at the embassy and DHL. We spent another relaxed evening round my aunt’s and had an early night.

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