Sun City to Kuruman

Day 27 – Sun City to Kuruman – 5 October

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Breakfast at the Sun City Cabanas was a scrumfest to get to the (admittedly rather good) buffet as everybody tried to get the most bang for their buck. Check-out time was 11:00 and as we were in no hurry to get to our next stop, Kuruman, we lounged about, using the WiFi and taking it easy. We had a late breakfast before stacking everything back in the car and setting off for the 5 hour journey to Kuruman. The drive was uneventful – flat landscapes with farmlands, slowly turning into flat landscapes with different types of farming.

On the way to Kuruman I researched the few options for dinner and it seemed that the Oasis Casino was possibly the best option for something to eat, so we headed there shortly after booking in to Cunningham Cottage. Cunningham Cottage is a delightful place on a large plot of land with extensive gardens and a pool and deck to relax on, as well as a very comfy looking lounge area if sitting outside doesn’t take your fancy (or if it is summertime!). The whole establishment is very welcoming and I really liked all the personal touches in the room as well as the common areas – you can see this is a place that has grown and developed over time by people who enjoy decorating and making things pretty.

Dinner at the Casino was ok once we found something to eat and drink that they actually had in stock! Brian wanted to try the Eisbein, which it turns out they didn’t have, and they didn’t have my first or second choice of wine, so I had to basically drink what they did have! My steak was ok, and Brian’s chicken burger was fine as well, but definitely nothing special. They are running some sort of promotion so it was cheap at least!

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