Day 28 – Kuruman to Upington – 6 October

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Kuruman to Upington isn’t a long trip, so we used our time in the morning until 10:00 check-out to have breakfast, update our blogs and check our emails. The trip was entirely uneventful and we arrived in Upington before 13:00 where we checked into Affinity Guesthouse. While a totally acceptable place with nice views of the river, it is the complete opposite of Cunningham Cottage, which was richly and individually furnished, with Affinity looking more as it everything in the functionally decorated room came from a cheap catalogue. Still, I’m not complaining as it served its purpose and we don’t need anything more really, and the owner was nice enough to freeze our meat for us for the trip to Kgalagadi the next day.
Once we finished a quick drive through town to see if I still remember anything about the place, we went to the Kalahari Mall for our shopping and got our food for the next three days. We also refilled out water bottles and got loads of meat, ice, beer and wine – all the necessities of life!
After an early dinner of better than expected pizza at O’Hagans just up the road from the guesthouse we watched a movie on the laptop and went to sleep, ready for an early start the next day.

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