Somewhere north of Perth

Day 7 – Fremantle & Perth Airport – 21 September 2017

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Well, today wasn’t a day we were looking forward to as we had a midnight flight from Perth to Cairns to catch, with lots of spare time, and we woke up to the predicted cold, miserable and very windy weather. We stayed in our room until check-out time with not much planned for the day and no real idea of how to pass so much time! We walked around Fremantle for a couple of hours, spending a bit of time at their famous prison (pretty much all the towns have prisons and courthouses that are tourist attractions, but the prison museum in Fremantle is really good). We walked back to the hotel through Fremantle and spotted loads of murals adorning the walls, and I thought they were really good!

While we were at the museum it started raining heavily and we realised we wouldn’t be able to spend the day walking around, so we looked at the map and decided to drive up the coast to go and see some beaches! I’m not even going to try and remember everywhere we stopped, but I’ve inserted a few choice photos of wind blown beaches, and wind blown, intrepid explorers!

Eventually we ran out of beaches and patience with the wind, and turned back inland, to end up in Guildford which is in the Swan Valley and on the Swan River. We walked around to check out the sights before settling into The Guildford Hotel for some dinner and drinks. It is a lovely place with good food and drinks and we managed to spend a couple of hours there before driving the short distance to the airport to wait for our flight. I can’t say it was fun sitting in another airport for a few hours, but eventually we got on the plane for the 4 hours flight (no sleep for me unfortunately!) to Cairns.

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