On the way to Hervey Bay

Day 16 – Hervey Bay – 30 September 2017

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Despite our motel room (Sail Inn Motel) in Yeppoon having a very odd smell we had a decent night’s sleep before setting off early for Hervey Bay, home to Fraser Island.

We stopped at a couple of beaches on the way, but I can’t even remember which ones anymore as they are all starting to blend into one!

The trip was very uneventful with a town called Gin Gin the highlight of the hours on the road – though sadly only because of the name! At Hervey Bay we checked into Coconut Palms on the Bay for two nights and were very glad to find a comfortable apartment with big TV and aircon! The AFL final was in full swing so at half time we decided to take a walk up to road to Hoolihan’s where we watched the second half with a few other people. We were both quite tired so just had a drink at the Beach House Hotel before having an early night to rest up for our trip to Fraser Island the next day!

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