On the way to Noosa

Day 18 – Noosa – 2 October 2017

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Hervey Bay to Noosa started out with a grey, overcast and rainy morning and as we didn’t have far to go and the weather was crap, we were in no hurry to leave the comfortable Coconut Palms on the Bay. The weather forecast showed that the whole day was going to be rainy and it proved to be accurate as we made our way slowly down the coast in the general direction of Noosa. We decided to go and have a look at a place called Tin Can Bay (couldn’t resist the name!) where they feed dolphins in the bay, but there was no sign of them!

Google Maps then routed us around some small roads, with occasional gravel roads, towards Noosa – and I spotted my first kangaroos in the wild – one even hopped across the road in front of us! Of course I was massively excited – Brian less so with the state of the roads!

At Noosa we checkd into At the Sound, which was another great apartment, with best of all – a washing machine and tumble dryer in the apartment! We took a quick drive down Main Beach and walked around Hasting Street, but it was raining so much that we decided to go back to the apartment and try again later. We spent an exciting couple of hours washing and drying before heading out for an early meal at the Noosa Surf Club, hoping we’d miss the busiest time. How wrong we were! Getting there the place was packed with families with kids and it took us ages to find a table and be able to order a meal – that then came within 10min of ordering, which meant we barely got to sit down before we had to be off again! It was a good meal, though a bit rushed and we found ourselves back at the apartment a lot sooner than expected! Noosa looked like a very nice town, with lots of posh looking shops and restaurants – just a shame about the weather not playing along!

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