Cape Bryon Lighthouse, NSW

Day 26 – Byron Bay – 10 October 2017

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Beaches, beaches and more beaches! That was the theme of the day when we left Brisbane / Coombabah for Byron Bay. We stopped at Bilinga South, Rainbow Bay and Fingal Head before we made it to Byron Bay.

At Byron Bay we checked into Ruskin House and were quickly out driving again to go and see what Byron Bay has to offer. We checked out the lighthouse and a few beaches before calling it a day and returning to the B&B. Byron Bay has a variety of different beaches and lots of options for walking and sightseeing, and along with the huge amount of options for eating and drinking it makes for a brilliant town to spend some time in. I was expecting it to be a bit hippy-ish but in reality it is quite classy – though with lots of backpackers! They even had a 24hr bakery, AKA pie shop!

Of course our evening ended with pub crawling and a very, very good burrito at Miss Margarita for me!

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