Sydney, NSW

Day 30-32 – Sydney – 14-16 October 2017

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The trip from Newcastle to Sydney probably would have been very scenic if it wasn’t for the torrential rain we were driving through, making it impossible to see the road, much less any of the surrounding scenery! Once again the weather forecast was correct, but it also predicted that it would clear up a bit by the time we got to Sydney, so we weren’t too worried.
Before we left Newcastle I took a few more pictures and finally found a Golden Gaytime to try out – and it is a very nice lolly!

As mentioned, the trip to Sydney wasn’t great, but we were staying in the Surry Hills area in an AirBnB apartment (mostly because it had parking!) and our host had to go away unexpectedly, so we ended up having the flat to ourselves for two out of the three nights we were in Sydney, and it was very handy to just be able to relax and lounge about! After unpacking and a cup of coffee we went for a walkabout in Sydney to take in some of the sights. We found a market in Hyde Park selling all sort of interesting food and had a beer there before walking back to the Surry Hills area and exploring Bitter Phew and Shady Pines. Both were very nice place, but Shady Pines was particularly interesting – it was one of those places hidden behind a door with just a bouncer outside, and done out like a kind of American country bar with stuffed heads and interesting fittings – I loved it!

Day two in Sydney involved a LOT of walking – over 20,000 steps and started with an early-ish ferry to Manly – all public transport capped at $2.60 all day Sunday! Manly itself wasn’t that exciting and we didn’t spent too much time there, but we got great views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, as well as the Sydney skyline. After that it was more wandering about and walking over Harbour Bridge and back, walking around to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, and back to Surry Hills via King’s Cross – and a couple of bars of course! First stop was Ms. G’s which is spread out over about four or five levels and with a really interesting menu, then on to the Kings Cross Hotel for another beer. Prices are definitely a bit steeper in Sydney than in some of the smaller places we’ve been, but we kind of expected that so it wasn’t a massive surprise. I had dinner at Mr Crackles – the clue is in the name! Pork sandwiches and crackling are what Mr Crackles specialises in, and it is absolutely the best thing in Sydney, and should probably be the number one attraction & restaurant on Tripadvisor! They sell crackling in great big sheets – what more could anyone want!!

Day three we drove out to the Blue Mountains and though the views and sights were great, the pictures aren’t that exciting so I didn’t put too many on the blog – it really is something best experienced in real life. We spent quite a few hours traipsing up and down footpaths and stairs looking at various waterfalls and views of mountains and trees (miles and miles of forest!) and it was a most enjoyable day out.

We didn’t venture too far out in the evening and had a $10 burger at Surly’s, that was very, very good, followed by a cocktail or two at Rosie Cambell’s.

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