Merimbula - Main Beach

Day 36 – Metung – 20 October 2017

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The theme of howling wind and threatening rain continued as we left Merimbula and had a quick look at the beaches south of the town. I treated myself to a Maxibon ice cream sandwich on the way to Metung to make myself feel better and found it tasty, though not something I’d eat every day.

The weather improved (though not the wind!) as we drove along and we stopped at a few beaches on the way. At Lakes Entrance we stopped at the lookouts and the views were absolutely incredible – making me look forward to getting to Metung and expecting the lake there to be as pretty.

Sadly Metung wasn’t that beautiful, though the lake had loads of black swans on it that made me very happy! Metung is a very small town with fairly limited options for food and drink, though there are a couple of posh and expensive restaurants that we of course avoided. We stayed in the Metung Waters Motel which has lovely accommodation, though the WiFi sadly only works in reception! We made the effort to walk all the way in the freezing wind to Metung Yacht Club for a couple of drinks, before settling down in the Metung Hotel, along with every other living soul in the town (it seemed)! We were fortunate to get a table and the entire place filled up as if by magic once they started serving food. I had the much recommended bug tail salad, though unfortunately I didn’t find it very good at all. Brian once again had beer for dinner if I remember correctly!

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