St Kilda - Luna Park

Day 36-42 – Melbourn/Melton – 21-26 October 2017

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We managed a nice break in our routine of packing up and moving to a new hotel/motel every day and spent almost a week with Brian’s sister in Melton near Melbourne, which was very good! I decided to just do one big post for the week with lots of pictures – mostly so that I don’t have to write much or have to think of anything to say!
We had a day out at the seaside in Torquay and had some lunch at Moby Cafe – really nice, artsy place! We had a good day out despite the weather being pretty grim at times!

The next day the weather was looking a lot better so we took a trip to Mount Macedon and went to see the War Memorial (the amount of war memorials in Australia is crazy!!) and visited Forest Glade Gardens. As you can see from the silly amount of pictures I put on here I really enjoyed the gardens though it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and we all lost each other! The place really is magnificent and we were there at the right time for the rhododendrons to be at their best and I can honestly say I’ve never seen such an explosion of colour!

We went into Melbourne and spent the night with old friend Albert Joubert in Endeavour Hills after spending the day sightseeing. Melbourne is an interesting place to walk about in and the buildings are definitely a bit more interesting that the usual skyscrapers, and it was great to spend the evening catching up with Al and lovely Michelle.

From Al’s we made our way to St Kilda and then back to Melbourne CBD where we spent another few hours walking around. Although it looked like raining most of the time it never actually did and we managed to see quite a lot of the city over two days before heading back to Melton for a well deserved rest.

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