Split Point Lighthouse, VIC

Day 43 – Apollo Bay – 27 October 2017

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From Melton we headed back towards Torquay and the start of the Great Ocean Road – a must see trip on any traveler’s list! As we’d already been to Torquay we skipped the town and instead went to have a look at Bells Beach, which is apparently quite famous with surfers, though to me it pretty much looked like any other beach (I know it’s really about the waves!)! We then followed the coast to Point Addis, and from there to Anglesea and Urquhart Bluff. The trip to Apollo Bay wasn’t that far so of course we stopped pretty much everywhere we could, along with loads of other people as the Great Ocean Road is definitely very popular with tourists!

You can see why TGOR is that popular though as the incredible colours of the ocean and the beaches make for beautiful sights and there’s something new to see around every corner. At Split Point Lighthouse we walked around for a bit, then took in the Memorial Arch, before having fish & chips in Lorne. I had what they call ‘flake’ which is just a nicer name for Gummy Shark and I wasn’t too impressed – it didn’t really taste of much though it has a fairly firm texture. The chips here are also not the proper chippy chips that I’m used to – way too crunchy and not soggy enough!

After lunch we stopped at the brilliant Teddy’s Lookout for incredible views, before carrying on again. At Kennet River we went looking for koalas (very, very briefly!) but instead found people feeding wild birds and we had the opportunity to see a few more species than we’ve managed to spot before.

From Kennet River the Great Ocean Road flattens out a bit though it still hugs the coast and provides great views all the way. Apollo Bay is in an absolutely beautifully setting, with blue seas and rolling green hills as a backdrop, as well as a nice place to stay – pictures to follow in the next post!

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