Bridgewater Petrified Forest

Day 45 – Robe – 29 October 2017

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Port Fairy to Robe was an entirely uneventful trip – except for the pouring rain that started as soon as we got to Robe! Fortunately the weather was a bit better (though VERY windy( and we did a bit of a walk in the Port Fairy area and had a look at the local beaches before setting of for Robe.

As we made our way towards Robe the weather started clouding over but we still made a stop at Bridgewater Petrified Forest and Blowholes before driving to Robe and torrential rain! Due to the silly amount of rain falling we didn’t explore the town as we meant to, but rather just made our way to the nearest place that could serve us a meal and a couple of drinks. Fortunately our accommodation for the night, the Best Western Robe was just a couple of minutes away from the Robe Hotel, where I had very good Beef Cheeks for dinner and Brian had some beer for dinner!

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